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Destroy the home where [sin] attaches [to you] so it cannot return.


The ‘Shin’ represents two front teeth and can mean sharp, eat, consume, separate, or destroy.


The ‘Vav’ represents a tent peg or nail and means to attach, secure, or establish.


The ‘Bet’ shows the floor plan of a tent. It means home, inside, or family.

Print of Repent

Prints are mounted under mats (not pictured online) with a backer. Sizes shown are for the outside of the mat and fit common frame sizes. The 12×12 mat is white. The 12×16 mat is light gray and has two openings: an 8×8 for the art, and a 2½x5 for the explanation.

Word Study

Listed below are some interesting word studies to begin your journey into Ancient Hebrew. Each word has various options, to read an enlightening explanation using Ancient Hebrew pictographs, watch a short video, or shop word products.

Adonai shop read

Beginning & End shop read

Chanukah shop read

El Shaddai shop read

Everlasting Father shop read

Faith shop read

Fire watch read

First & Last shop read

Guilt watch

Hope shop read

Honor watch read

Humble shop watch read

Jehovah shop read

Jireh shop read

Life shop read

Loving Kindness shop read

Mighty God shop read

Mother watch read

Name shop read

Prince of Peace shop read

Rapha shop read

Redeem read

Repent shop watch read

Righteous shop watch read

Selah shop read

Shabat watch

Shalom shop watch read

Star of David shop

Tsedeq shop read

Woman watch

Yeshua shop read