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Jim and Claudia Woodard have been in Christian ministry since the 1970’s. Trent and Marla Jean Clinesmith got serious in the 1990’s.

Jim Woodard

Pastor, The Crossroads Church, Belle Chasse, Louisiana

In 2001, after a 25 year career in the oil and gas industry, Jim Woodard and his wife, Claudia, planted the non-denominational Crossroads Church in Belle Chasse, Louisiana. Jim‘s life experiences, both in fellowship and out of fellowship, along with an eagerness to understand and communicate God’s Word, have given him a unique ability to make the Bible truly a life-application book. His personal discovery of a growing body of work on Ancient and Paleo Hebrew Aleph-Bets combined with the methods he has learned and developed to understand the thoughts conveyed through these Word Pictures provide new and exciting study tools to the Body of Christ.

While continuing to serve as senior pastor of The CrossRoads Church in Belle Chasse, Jim is passionate about sharing the message of Ancient Hebrew through his seminars, writing, and YouTube ministries.

Jim and Claudia reside in New Orleans and have two grown children and five grandchildren.

Marla Jean Clinesmith

Executive Director, Kingdom Building Ministries, Inc., New Orleans, Louisiana

Marla Jean Clinesmith’s educational background is in studio art which she utilized in museum and gallery positions until the mid-1990’s. Her own artistic endeavors seemed to go by the wayside when the Lord led her into full-time ministry as a local coordinator with Promise Keepers. Currently, as the Executive Director of Kingdom Building Ministries, she is a facilitator of biblically-based personal leadership training and a “Life Coach” who has spent the last 18 years personally coaching a variety of individuals throughout the New Orleans area.

While listening to Pastor Jim teaching on the Ancient Hebrew, she began to see the pictograph words in her mind in various colors and juxtapositions. Eventually she picked up pastels and quickly began putting on paper what Holy Spirit had impressed upon her about various words. The series of work to date shares Ancient Hebrew thought conveyed through what she likes to call ‘God Colors’.

Jim and Claudia met Trent and Marla Jean while attending the same church over 20 years ago. Both couples have been involved in Kingdom ministry in multiple venues and efforts over that time, many times working together and in support of each other. The collaboration of Jim’s teaching of Ancient Hebrew with Marla Jean’s art expressions of Ancient Hebrew Word Pictures provides a powerful presentation of the heart of God through the Ancient language of the Old Testament.

The objective of this website is to offer a user-friendly resource for learning and being blessed by God’s Word as seen through the eyes of the Ancient Hebrew characters of the Bible. Our prayer is that God will open new vistas of understanding from the Word which will enrich your journey through the Kingdom.