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There are precious few ways for man’s relationship with God to be reciprocal. To “bless” may be the most powerful example of that rare opportunity. The Ancient Hebrew pictographs give us a clear and achievable formula for not only receiving blessings from God but giving blessing to God by doing exactly as He does.


Barak (baw-rak’)



BThe ‘Bet’ shows the floor plan of a tent. It means home, inside, or family.
rThe ‘Resh’ symbolizes a head, man, chief, highest, top, beginning, or first.
kThe ‘Kaf’ represents a palm or open hand, like to invite another into our home with a sweeping motion of our open palm.

Together the pictographs mean to ‘give access to my house.’ When we are blessed by the Lord, it is much more than receiving simple physical treasures, He gives us access to Himself.

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  1. Pastor Woodard,
    I was never really sure what that word “blessed” meant. You made it very clear in a couple of minutes. You did the same, for me, with the word “love”. A picture really is worth a thousand words. I am looking forward to discovering the meaning of the many words I am unsure of.

    Thank you so very much.

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