Frequently Asked Questions

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Modern vs Paleo

The letters or pictographs used in the Paleo or Ancient Hebrew are much easier to learn and associate with their meaning. For example, the Aleph is a drawing of the head of an ox and means strong, first, or leader. The 22 Paleo letters and their meanings can easily be learned in just an hour or two.

Although both are abjad scripts, their appearance became quite different about 800 BC. Since the era of the Assyrian and Babylonian captivities, the form of the Hebrew letters has been completely different — changing from Phoenician based pictographs to an Aramaic shaped alphabet. Although the Modern letters do retain individual meanings, they are rarely used to define words.

‘Ancient’ and ‘Paleo’ Hebrew are used interchangeably.

Bible Study

When studied from the Hebrew perspective, words from the scriptures can provide a wonderful and eye-popping new understanding that English definitions simply cannot express.

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