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Did you know that Ancient or Paleo Hebrew may very well be, at the same time, the simplest and most sophisticated language system in history? The secret to this unique ability of Paleo Hebrew lies in its power to form word pictures which not only form common words, but expresses its definition. How??

This ability of a word picture used in context to express the function of a word makes Paleo Hebrew the perfect language system to express the heart of God in His communication to man. Equally valuable is the ability of man to teach and pass on the precepts of God to others through the use of Paleo Hebrew word pictures. In its most basic form the Hebrew word “father” demonstrates this principle. The Hebrew word is Av. It is spelled אב in modern form (reading right to left). Upon learning the modern language rules of Hebrew any reader can read the word phonetically, just as with any other word in Hebrew, and apply it to a memorized association. In this case the elder male member of the household.

However, in Paleo Hebrew the spelling is comprised of two pictographs, BA. The A is the depiction of an ox head speaking in ancient cultural context of strength or leader. The B is the depiction of the floorplan of a tent speaking in ancient cultural context of a tent or house. Therefore BA is not just the elder male but the “strength or leader of the tent or house”.

One can quickly see how this understanding applied to Biblical words can immensely expand the functional understanding of those words when applied in the cultural context in which they were written.

This website is dedicated to the understanding of the history and use of Paleo Hebrew. To that end we have included:

  1. Brief teachings on Biblical words in Paleo Hebrew in written and video formats.
  2. Artistic presentations of Biblical words in Paleo Hebrew.
  3. A beautiful jewelry selection of Paleo Hebrew words for personal use as well as meaningful gift items.
  4. And various other user-friendly products found in our Bazaar section.

We invite you to spend time exploring the site. We present it for your benefit to the Glory of God.


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