OUR MISSION: Sharing the mysteries of Ancient Hebrew to enhance the study and understanding of God’s Word.

Ancient Hebrew letters were simple pictures that had meanings. A combination of these letters or pictographs defined the meaning of the words that included them. Taken in the proper context, we often find these meanings to be much richer than the simple English word we know and use today. See a simplified document containing all 22 of the Hebrew letters with their meanings.
After hearing word studies by Pastor Jim Woodard, Holy Spirit led Marla Jean Clinesmith to create artistic renderings of the words. The word art on this site paints Ancient Hebrew word pictures in bright, contemporary compositions. Word explanations are often accompanied by illustrations. You may also view all art, books, jewelry, and other products in the store.

Listed below are some interesting word studies to begin your journey into Ancient Hebrew. Each word has various options, to read an enlightening explanation using Ancient Hebrew pictographs, watch a short video, or shop word products.

Adonai shop read

Beginning & End shop read

Chanukah shop read

Blessed shop read

El Shaddai shop read

Everlasting Father shop read

Faith shop read

Fire watch read

First & Last shop read

Guilt watch

Hope shop read

Honor watch read

Humble shop watch read

Jehovah shop read

Jireh shop read

Life shop read

Loving Kindness shop read

Mighty God shop read

Mother watch read

Name shop read

Prince of Peace shop read

Rapha shop read

Redeem read

Repent shop watch read

Righteous shop watch read

Selah shop read

Shabat watch

Shalom shop watch read

Star of David shop

Spirit shop read

Tsedeq shop read

Woman watch

Yeshua shop read