Love — Canvas Gallery Wrap


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While the Faith, Hope, and Love triptich are extra stunning when displayed together, these canvas prints are available individually.  The original art was oil pastel of the Ancient Hebrew pictograph letters for each word.    

These prints are placed on a coordinating background and the English word for each is subtly added to the bottom.  The depth of the sides is approximately 1.25 inches.  Printed and shipped with expected delivery within 2 weeks.

.: 100% cotton artist-grade fabric
.: Closed back with hanging hardware
.: Built with a solid support face
.: High image quality and detail
.: For indoor use


Since the beginning mankind has, consciously or subconsciously, been on a quest to discover and master love. The elusive secret to capturing the ability to give or receive love is safely concealed in the ability of the Ancient Hebrew pictographs to graphically unveil this ongoing universal mystery. The key to unlocking this enigmatic pursuit has been hidden in plain sight for all who have discovered the character of their Creator God. To master true love in any relationship, simply reproduce and share God’s character traits.


Ahav (aw-hav’)



aAThe ‘Aleph’ is the picture of an ox head and illustrates the strength of an animal. It can mean strong, power, or leader.
hHThe ‘Hey’ pictograph represents a man with his hands in the air trying to get someone’s attention. It suggests look, reveal, behold.
BThe ‘Bet’ shows the floor plan of a tent. It means home, inside, or family.

The root word ‘Aleph Bet’ means ‘Father or strong leader of the tent.’ Insert the letter ‘Hey’ and the word means ‘Reveal the Father.’

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