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The Ancient Hebrew letters for the word Chen (Grace) are hammered into a copper sheet by Jim Woodard. This piece is mounted on a mat and framed in weathered wood. 13.25″ x 11.5″. Lacquered to halt further corrosion. One-of-a-kind item as each is hand cut and hammered.


One of the most life changing concepts in all of scripture is that of Grace. Biblical examples abound that identify Grace as a place (physical and/or spiritual). Grasping an understanding of where ones “Place of Grace” is, enables God’s Spirit to empower it or give it life. Grace therefore becomes the place where God empowers my life to do what He has called me to do and be what He has created me to be.


Chen (Khane)



CThe ‘Chet’ depicts a fence that would contain, divide, surround, protect, or make private.
nThe ‘Nun’ represents a seed or sprout and gives us the meaning of continuing to a new generation. It can have the meaning of continuing, perpetuating, sustaining, offspring, or heir.

Illustrates a fence surrounding and protecting the action of life. God’s grace is a spiritual concept of a place or setting where God offers protection, provision, and empowerment for life.

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