Original Art of Yeshua #6


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Original Pastel Art by Marla Jean Clinesmith. Art is 9″x7″ matted under glass in a 16.75″x13.75″ frame.



Yeshua (yay-shoo’-ah)



y The ‘Yud’ in pictograph form shows an arm and a hand. The picture can mean to work, throw, worship, or it can simply mean an arm or hand.
sS The ‘Shin’ may be depicted differently depending on the time period, but represents two front teeth and can mean sharp, eat, consume, separate, or destroy.
v The ‘Vav’ represents a tent peg or nail and means to secure, attach, or hook together. But it can also simply mean peg or nail.
e The ‘Ayin’ appears as an eye. It relates to the function of the eye, understanding, or knowledge.

As pictographs, the letters combine to mean ‘see how a hand will save or separate by a nail.’ But it is actually a compound word consisting of ‘Ya’ (God) and the root word ‘shua’ (to rescue). Yeshua is the one who secures our rescue or salvation.

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