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This poster contains the art of the Ten Commandments by Marla Jean Clinesmith using the Ancient Hebrew letters for each Commandment.  The original art was commissioned by a private collector and was framed in three frames.  The grouping on the poster is somewhat similar with the addition of beautiful gold lettered descriptions for each piece down the middle of the poster.

For more information on each piece of art, see https://www.hebrewwordpics.com/store/original-art/10comm/

.: 265 gsm fine art paper
.: For indoor use


The Ten Commandments

  The client who commissioned this work challenged me to “think outside the box” about what the original commandments looked like when Moses received them on Mt. Sinai. It is believed that the writing from “the finger of God” was in Paleo (pictographic) Hebrew, but I really had not considered that the chiseled letters were on anything other than two blah stones. The thought that Abba might have presented Moses with a “color masterpiece” is mind boggling to me. Considering that He is the original “Color Master,” splashing color all around the world, makes it an interesting prospect. I don’t in any way propose that my rendition of the commandments is an authentic replication. I did spend time with Him while working on these pieces and hopefully “colored” as He instructed for such a time as this. I do hope that when you look at the colors it will expand your mind to be amazed at what an incredible artist He is!!!   I have portrayed the 10 Commandments through the Hebrew mindset (the 10 Words or Eseret HaDavrim), and in the Paleo Hebrew, and in color! As I began the art work I discovered Dr. Frank Seekins’ teaching on the commandments and the secret to easily remembering them. Hebrew numbers the commandments with the first 10 letters of the aleph beyt and in their Paleo (pictographic) form each picture gives a clue to the commandment.   Below is a quick overview of the first 10 letters and their corresponding commandment.  



First of 10 Commandments

I am the LORD your God.

The aleph (a) represents first, strength, defender, hero which explains God.



Second of 10 Commandments

You shall have no other gods before me.

The beyt (B) represents second, house, family. We choose to enter God’s house and become part of His family.



Third of 10 Commandments

You shall not take the Name of the LORD your God in vain.

The gimel (g) represents third, walk, lift up. We understand His Name and take on His character.



Fourth of 10 Commandments

Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.

The dalet (D) represents fourth, a door, path, journey. We work hard but enter God’s door of rest.



Fifth of 10 Commandments

Honor your father and mother, that your days may be long.

The hey (H) represents fifth, behold, reveal. Behold! This is the commandment with a promise of long life!



Sixth of 10 Commandments

You shall not murder.

The vav (v) represents the number six, a nail, holding together. A nail helps hold two things together. People held together will not destroy each other.



Seventh of 10 Commandments

You shall not commit adultery.

The zayin (Z) represents seven, a weapon, to cut. A weapon can destroy the same as adultery can destroy a marriage and family.



Eighth of 10 Commandments

You shall not steal.

The chet (c) represents the number eight, a fence, to protect. The fence reminds us to protect the property of others and not steal.



Ninth of 10 Commandments

You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

The tet (J) represents nine, to surround, a snake. The tet reminds us not to follow the path of the serpent and lie or accuse.



Tenth of 10 Commandments

You shall not covet.

The yod (y) represents ten, a hand, to work. Working reminds us of providing for our own life and not desiring what someone else has.

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