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Prints are mounted under mats (not pictured online) with a backer. Sizes shown are for the outside of the mat and fit common frame sizes. The 12×16 mat is light gray and has two openings: an 8×8 for the art, and a 2½x5 for the explanation.


Everlasting Father

Ab ad (ab ad)

de Ba

אֲבִ עַ֖ד

aThe ‘Aleph’ is the picture of an ox head and illustrates the strength of an animal. It can mean strong, power, or leader.
BThe ‘Bet’ shows the floor plan of a tent. It means home, inside, or family.
eThe ‘Ayin’ appears as an eye. It can mean see, understand, or knowledge.
dThe ‘Dalet’ represents a tent flap or door. It can also mean back and forth movement as in going in and out of a door or a journey.

The strong one of the home (Father) has the knowledge or understanding of the journey of life and was seen as an eternal proposition from God.

Additional information

Dimensions.12 in
Mat Size

12"x12" — $18, 12"x16"-2 Openings — $25


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