Original Pastel Art of Adonai #2


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Original Pastel Art by Marla Jean Clinesmith. Art is 5″x7″ matted under glass in a 9.25″x11.25″ frame.


Man needs God. Even when mankind is oblivious to that need, the evidence is overwhelmingly clear that there is a need for guidance and help beyond the mortal. Here the Ancient Hebrew pictographs bring into focus the title of the One who can fill that need.


Adonai (ad-o-noy’)



AThe ‘Aleph’ is the picture of an ox head and illustrates the strength of an animal. It can mean strong, power, or leader.
dThe ‘Dalet’ represents a tent flap or door, and typically means back and forth movement as in going in and out of a door, or going on a journey and returning, or following a path.
nThe ‘Nun’ represents a seed or sprout and gives us the meaning of continuing to a new generation. It can have the meaning of life, continuing, perpetuating, sustaining, offspring, or heir.
yThe ‘Yud’ in pictograph form represents an arm and a hand. The picture can mean work, throw, worship or it can simply mean arm or hand.

The strong one leads and sustains me by His hand. Even more literally, it means “The strong One leads our journey and by His hand life is preserved.”

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