Em (Mother) Earrings – Rose Gold


Rose Gold plated sterling silver pair of earrings depicting the ancient Hebrew letters Aleph and Mem creating Em or Mother. These earrings have clear stones and are approximately ½” in size without the fishhook.

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Em (ame)



aThe ‘Aleph’ is the picture of an ox head and illustrates the strength of an animal. It can mean strong, power, or leader.
MThe ‘Mem’ illustrates water or waves. As a nomadic people, the Hebrews feared the waves or waters of the seas, so the letter often meant chaos, mighty, or blood. On the other hand, water sustained life and in this instance, it carries that meaning.

Strong Water — Giver of Life. Em is the one who brings life to the tent and holds the home together.

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Dimensions2 × 2 × .25 in


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