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Strong & Courageous

Be strong and courageous. — Joshua 1:6a

Evidently Rak Chazaq Amats is an ancient war cry. One we can adopt today as we are encircled by a strong wall and seek more to step out of our comfort zone and overcome the chaos in our midst.


Chazaq (khaw-zak’)



CThe ‘Chet’ represents a fence that usually divides or protects.
zThe ‘Zayin’ appears as a mattock, a tool to cut or harvest.
QThe ‘Qoof’ shows the the back of a man’s head or a sunset that means follows or cycles.

The Lord has repeatedly told his people to be strong and courageous. The word “strong” is interesting in that it is closely related to vision. Together the chet and zayin are the word for “see.” Add the qoof and the meaning is “what follows the vision.” A strong person has the ability to see beyond what is seen in the physical and perceive beyond the normal experience.

Strong is what follows the vision.



amets (aw-mats’)



aThe ‘Aleph’ resembles an ox head and depicts strength or leader.
MThe ‘Mem’ looks like waves of water that represents chaos to desert dwelling Bedouin.
FThe ‘Tzade’ appears like a man crawling as a hunter seeking prey.

The meaning of courage or “Amets” in Hebrew begins with the tzade. The little man is crawling and seeking the strength (aleph) to overcome the chaos (mem).

Seeking strength of overcome chaos.


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