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Artist Marla Jean Clinesmith knew this had to be her first work to tackle at the beautiful Chateau Orquevaux residency in France where she would be with many other accomplished artists in June 2022. Studying the meaning of this word gave her a seal of confidence that helped her excel and have a wonderfully productive residency.

Seal of Confidence

Kesel (keh’-sel)



kThe ‘Kaf’ represents a palm or open hand, often used to invite another into our home with a sweeping motion of our open palm, but the letter also is used as a seal.
uThe ‘Samech’ represents a thorn bush that would prop up, support, twist, turn, or snare.
lThe ‘Lamed’ illustrates a shepherd’s staff that shows authority.

Oddly, the word Kesel often refers to ones fatness or loins as the seat of ones confidence, which can be either proper or foolish. In a physical sense, that enlarged mass protects the internals. Yet we see this multiple times in the Bible where it means, “the Lord will seal the authority of His truth within my inward parts, holding me up.”

The Lord shall be your confidence Proverbs 3:26