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Qadosh (kaw-doshe’)



qThe ‘Quph’ character appears like the back of man’s head or a sunset and means last, behind, following, revolving or cycle of time.
dThe ‘Dalet’ represents a tent flap or door. It can also mean back and forth movement as in going in and out of a door or a journey.
vThe ‘Vav’ represents a tent peg or nail and means to secure or hook. But it can also simply mean peg or nail.
sThe ‘Shin’ may be depicted differently depending on the time period, but represents two front teeth and can mean sharp, eat, consume, separate, or destroy.

Dalet-Vav-Shin create a root word meaning ‘threshing door’ which was used to separate valuable grain from chaff. Adding the Quph reveals the good left behind after threshing.

We are holy after being threshed and set apart for God’s special purposes.