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Jehovah Tsedeq

Jehovah our Righteousness

Tsedeq (tsaw-dak’)



fThe ‘Tsade’ represents a fish hook and means hunter, catch, or desire.
dThe ‘Dalet’ represents a tent flap or door. It can also mean back and forth movement as in going in and out of a door or a journey.
qThe ‘Quph’ character appears like the back of man’s head or a sunset and means last, behind, following, revolving or cycle of time.

Tsedeq is often used as a compound name with ‘Jehovah’ (hvhy seen here). The Tsade-Dalet-Quph translate as hooked or a desire for a journey to follow [God] or ‘Righteous.’ Jehovah Tsedeq is ‘God our Righteousness.’